Flash talks

All poster presenters are asked to give a short flash talk. They are scheduled to take approx. 2 min. per poster. Slides for the flash talk must be submitted prior to the conference. The format of the slides is fixed as:

2 pages in pdf without any title page.

The deadline for submitting the slides to the conference organizers is June 22, 2016.

Remember that the purpose of the flash talk is to get the audience interested in studying your poster. The purpose is not to give an oral flash presentation of the content of the poster. It is advertising, and it is recommended to think about the following points when preparing the flash talk.

  1. Explain why. What is the purpose?
  2. Explain what. What is the main contribution?
  3. But do not explain how!
  4. Do not expect that the audience knows specific terminology or jargon.
  5. Make the audience curious to learn more.
  6. Focus on one main point.

One difficult problem is to find out what exactly the audience can be expected to know. The audience will be statisticians, but it is safest to assume that they know little about your particular topic, method or application. Those who do, do not need your flash introduction anyway. But all the rest do.