Abstract submission

At NordStat2016 participants are offered the opportunity to present their research in poster sessions preceded by a teaser in terms of a 2 min flash-talk. The conference offers no other opportunity for traditional oral presentations. Our motivation for choosing this format is:
  1. To allocate more time for dedicated and in depth discussion of research topics of mutual interest.
  2. To provide a more flexible, relaxed, and opportune forum for interaction between presenters and audience.
Submission of poster abstracts takes places from here. Deadline is March 28, 2016. The abstract should be written as Markdown code. This means that you can write plain text, math symbols with LaTeX code, italic text within asterisks, for example. After submission the abstract is automatically translated to pdf. We recommend that you test your abstract below to make sure that the abstract appears as intended. An example abstract is shown that you can get inspiration from. More specifically, proceed as follows:
  1. Write your abstract in your favourite editor. You can write LaTeX code such as $\alpha$, $\frac{\alpha}{\beta}$, etc.
  2. Copy the abstract into the box below. Below, a rendered version of your abstract will appear. Check that it looks as you want it to.
  3. Go to the submission page. Fill in the boxes regarding name, co-authors, affiliation, poster title etc. Furthermore, copy the abstract from the test page (the untranslated version from the top box) into the box denoted "Abstract". Do not use the html-code editor options in the input box - only use the markdown codes. Finish the submission.

Abstract tester

Type in your abstract here in Markdown and see below how it is rendered. When the abstract looks perfect then select the markdown code and copy it so you can include it on the submission page.

Use $\LaTeX$ to type formulæ and markdown to format text.

Abstract preview

This is how the abstract will look